Check out my column in the Reno Gazette Journal

Greetings all!

I started writing a bi-weekly column in the Reno Gazette Journal. I’ve had several in there over the years as a guest writer, but now I have a regular gig every couple weeks on Sunday. The last one was about Freedom of Speech.  Check it out if you are so inclined.

I’ll keep posted my new work for the RGJ right here, so check back often. Also, watch for original content right here as well. Next week, I’ll cover how my radio career imploded. Let’s here it for failure!!


Discussing “Religious Exemptions” with Nathaniel Lloyd

Today I welcomed reoccurring guest, Nathaniel Lloyd, author and purveyor of the podcast, Historical Blindness. We discuss:

  1. President Donald Trump announced more “religious exceptions” to the affordable care act and the history of religious discrimination in America.
  2. VP Mike Pence’s public relations move this weekend at the NFL.
  3. Trump’s battle with Senator Bob Corker.

Talking Fake News with Dr. Gleb Tsipursky

Today I sat down with Gleb Tsipursky to talk about fake news.

Gleb is passionate about promoting truth, rational thinking, and wise decision-making. He is a professorat OSU, serves as the volunteer President of the nonprofit Intentional Insights, is a co-founder of the Pro-Truth Pledge, and the author of a number of a number of books, most notablyThe Truth Seeker’s Handbook: A Science-Based Guide, due out in October 2017. He is currently writing The Alternative to Alternative Facts: Fighting Post-Truth Politics with Behavioral Science. He regularly publishes in venues like Time, Scientific AmericanPsychology TodaySalonThe Conversation, and elsewhere. Personal website: Email: gleb (at) intentionalinsights (dot) org.

Interview with Jason Kander About Let America Vote

My guest today was Jason Kander, President of @LetAmericaVote. Former Missouri Secretary of State and Army intelligence officer, Afghanistan veteran and CNN contributor.

We also discuss taxes, and we have a fun story about camping today.

Beyond Spin with Guest Chip Evans

Our guest was Chip Evans, host of the Chip Evans show on Saturday, to talk about what’s on his show this week and the latest in his own political journey.

We heard from Kimmi Cole about an event with rural Democrats.

I talk about Eleanor’s crazy hat day.

And again, the situation unfolding in Puerto Rico is staggering.


Debating Marijuana Legalization With Reno’s Last Holdout

For me, Marijuana legalization is a moral imperative. We must significantly change the failed, racist and stupid war on drugs. But, some people disagree. It’s good to hear their arguments.

Today’s Beyond Spin featured a very special guest, attorney and anti-marijuana advocate Jim Hartman. We spent an hour debating the state of Marijuana in Nevada.


UNR Professor Christopher Coake Talking Higher Education and Stephen King

On this Friday’s on Beyond Spin:

  1. We talk briefly about health care, because it continues to piss me off. We’re on day 193 with no Dean Heller sightings. One imagines him in his grimy underwear, hiding under his bed, too afraid to talk to me on the Radio, perhaps was abducted by Pennywise the Clown.
  2. My guest following the politics is Chris Coake, professor of English at UNR and an accomplished writer himself.
  3. We  talk with Chris about UNR’s MFA program, still new enough to have that sad, old writer smell.
  4. We’ll talk with Chris and close the loop on the Nevada Humanities Literary Crawl last week, and the burgeoning literary scene in town.
  5. I’ll ask Chris about the declining popularity of the liberal arts in America, and we’ll revisit a topic from last week on growing distrust of higher education among conservatives.
  6. And Chris and I will talk about the 70th birthday of Stephen King, in light of the smash remake of his terrifying hit “It