3 thoughts on “Talking Trump and Why “Kings of Reno””

  1. Excellent podcast!!! I certainly hope you are right about the end of this disgusting administration!!! Canada is looking better everyday!!! Kings of Reno rock, you guys really compliment each other on the cast, good flow of topic! I will definitely be tuning in againšŸ˜

  2. Loved it! Kings of Reno crack me up. You play off each other like Lewis and Martin but in an adult way!

    Only thing during the Kavanaugh segment I felt very strongly about was to make people aware that perhaps Feinstein maybe (probably) held Dr. Ford’s letter to make this political and delay Kavanaugh confirmation hearing. Dr. Ford came forward because she felt the need to and had support and even though she would be attacked by many, she had the civic duty to do so at this point. Also, would be nice if both of you could use the accuser’s name, Dr. Ford instead of “this woman”. My statements are based on my own experience as sexual abuse victim. Unable to talk about it until therapy at age 40 when it happened when I very young. It is acknowleding she is a person and you are willing to listen to her version of facts.

    Looking forward to learning more about midterm candidates, BASHING drumpf and his administration, hearing about new Reno businesses as well as praising localites!

    Last but not least, Fuck that Guy!

    Definitely sharing your podcast and listening again.

    1. You make a very good point, Arlyn, and I regret not using her name specifically when making reference. I did not because I did not have it in front of me. I will make a correction on our next podcast. My bad!! Sorry.

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