UNR Professor Christopher Coake Talking Higher Education and Stephen King

On this Friday’s on Beyond Spin:

  1. We talk briefly about health care, because it continues to piss me off. We’re on day 193 with no Dean Heller sightings. One imagines him in his grimy underwear, hiding under his bed, too afraid to talk to me on the Radio, perhaps was abducted by Pennywise the Clown.
  2. My guest following the politics is Chris Coake, professor of English at UNR and an accomplished writer himself.
  3. We  talk with Chris about UNR’s MFA program, still new enough to have that sad, old writer smell.
  4. We’ll talk with Chris and close the loop on the Nevada Humanities Literary Crawl last week, and the burgeoning literary scene in town.
  5. I’ll ask Chris about the declining popularity of the liberal arts in America, and we’ll revisit a topic from last week on growing distrust of higher education among conservatives.
  6. And Chris and I will talk about the 70th birthday of Stephen King, in light of the smash remake of his terrifying hit “It

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