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From the RGJ: The right wing may have stolen the Supreme Court, but liberals won the culture war

My latest piece on the RGJ is up.  Here is an excerpt, below. I’m already hearing from a lot of people who thought the piece captured some hope in an otherwise hopeless time.

The right wing may have stolen the Supreme Court, but liberals won the culture war: Lyngar

Things seem bleak today, but I feel hopeful. Donald Trump’s latest right-wing pick for the Supreme Court likely will be confirmed, pushing America’s highest court far to the right of American public opinion and good taste. By vast margins, Americans support the rights of women, minorities, immigrants and the LGBTQ community. Despite the conservative tilt of our corrupt and broken government, the culture war is over and liberals have won … CONTINUE


Discussing “Religious Exemptions” with Nathaniel Lloyd

Today I welcomed reoccurring guest, Nathaniel Lloyd, author and purveyor of the podcast, Historical Blindness. We discuss:

  1. President Donald Trump announced more “religious exceptions” to the affordable care act and the history of religious discrimination in America.
  2. VP Mike Pence’s public relations move this weekend at the NFL.
  3. Trump’s battle with Senator Bob Corker.

Interview with Jason Kander About Let America Vote

My guest today was Jason Kander, President of @LetAmericaVote. Former Missouri Secretary of State and Army intelligence officer, Afghanistan veteran and CNN contributor.

We also discuss taxes, and we have a fun story about camping today.

Beyond Spin with Guest Chip Evans

Our guest was Chip Evans, host of the Chip Evans show on Saturday, to talk about what’s on his show this week and the latest in his own political journey.

We heard from Kimmi Cole about an event with rural Democrats.

I talk about Eleanor’s crazy hat day.

And again, the situation unfolding in Puerto Rico is staggering.


Health Care and the “First White President”

We have to talk about health care  again! And, if you have seen the very missing / invisible Dean Heller, please let me know! All in the first half.

In the second half, we’ll chat with Nicole Sconiers, writer, author and commentator about the latest essay by Ta-Nehisi Coates: The First White President.