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Kings of Reno on John McCain and on the Housing Crisis Ten Years Later

On this week’s Kings of Reno podcast, Edwin and Dave talk about the passing of John McCain. We also wax depressed about the 2008 housing collapse.  Also listen in for our guest for the whole show, RobRoy McCandless, the official show fact checker.

Stay to the end, for our recurring segment. “Fuck that Guy.” This is podcast two, of a recurring series right out of Reno.

Beyond Spin featuring Nathaniel Lloyd from Historical Blindness

The Show on Monday, Sept. 18th features:

  1. My good friend, writer and podcaster Nathaniel Lloyd who is going to talk all about his podcast “Historical Blindness” which is both interesting and extremely relevant to the moment.
  1. We’re going to talk about the latest brouhaha over Confederate Memorials and ask Nathaniel if he can help us sort out the history of these things
  2. We’re going to talk about partisanship, and about a recent article in VOX about the continued sorting of America.
  3. In our last segment, I have got to chat about the partisan rancor that enveloped the Emmy’s last night.


I’m Ed Lyngar, reminding you that Journalism is saying what someone else does not want said; everything else is public relations.”

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