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Ed’s Ballot Choices

I’ve decided to share my own ballot picks. The top of the races, up and down, I’m voting straight Democrat this year.  IF you have a race for senate and assembly, I urge straight D in your district. This is a time to repudiate the Republicans embrace of Donald Trump and vote straight democracy in every race.

My specific ballot:
Senate: Jacky Rosen
Governor: Steve Sisolak
LT Gov. Kate Marshall
Assessor Chip Evans
Treasurer Matt Buehler
Recorder Kylie Work
Treasurer Matthew Buehler
Public Administrator Verita Black Prothro

Supreme Court
C – Elissa Cadish
F – Abbi Silver
G – Lidia Stiglich

Family Court 2
Dixie Grossman

Sheriff Heidi Howe
Mayor Hillary Shieve

1 – Strong No
2 – Yes
3 –  Strong No
4 – Going no, but not strong.
5 – STRONG Yes
6 – Yes

If you want to chat about it, or I missed someone, send an email.