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First Show Done, More to Come

We had our first show yesterday. I wrote some ideas that I skimmed, but I didn’t go into all the detail, so I thought I’d post my mini-essay today. Keep listening and thanks for the support.

Ed’s Rant of the Day

I want to talk about the name of this program, because the idea of spin has been beaten to death, abused and appropriated by people who will lie to you when the truth will work. They lie for fun or sport or to get YOU to act against your own self interest.

I worked as a career Public Relations professional for 22 years, so I understand the idea of spin. Real spin is not lying. It’s just telling a story from your perspective. It’s not so much dishonesty as it is perspective.

But the idea of spin has been hijacked by liars and partisans, and I’m kind of sick of dishonest people stealing the idea of honest spin, and defending their side, regardless. Your guy sets fire to a pile of babies? He’s “unpredictable.” The other guy does the same thing and he’s a monster.

Usually, it’s not dead babies, but something that can be packaged and sold, lied about even when the truth is well known.

My favorite example is “Tax cuts pay for themselves.” If we cut taxes on the rich, they’re going to share it with YOU. This has been disproven time and again, and we’re living with this lie right now. Those same people who want to give billionaires a pile of money right now in Washington say that we can’t afford free cheese for poor pregnant ladies or home heating oil for the poor in the northeast. That’s not spin, it’s an ugly lie designed to shovel money upwards to people who do not need it, but who happen to pay campaigns (go figure).

The truth of most things often lies in the middle. But lately, we’ve seen above average nuttiness congregating on the right, especially around Donald Trump. Sure, you can find wackiness on the liberal side too, but mostly they’re having drum circles or throwing paint on people in fur coats. They are not throwing around loose talk of thermonuclear war. The lunacy that has seemed to infect some on the right—NOT ALL—has exploded.

I’m a progressive-minded person, but I wasn’t always so. I voted for George W. Bush in my younger years. I’m not here to vilify everyone I disagree with, a category that includes many, many people I love, like my own parents, friends and most of the people I grew up with in Battle Mountain. But, there are some people who do need vilifying and most especially need to be mocked. You know them, they’re some of the rebel-flag loving, “I’m-not-racist-but” types. They often act pious at the same time they support ideas that would make Jesus cry. On this show, we’re going to have a lot of fun at the expense of the undependable. I’m dusting off my “your mom” jokes as we speak.

And that’s my rant. How do you see it? Call us and let us know.